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Pfanne zum Backen Von Oktoposbällchen 1 Stück



Pfanne zum Backen Von Oktoposbällchen 1 Stück

Ishigaki Cast-Iron Takoyaki Plate For IH(100-200V)

Colour: Black

Material: Iron

Capacity: 16 Slots

Weight: 1.45kg

Size: 25*20.8*4.1 cm

The cast-iron takoyaki cooker is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside!
This cast-iron takoyaki cooker is also useful for baking other kinds of snacks.
The takoyaki is also suitable for making other kinds of takoyaki, such as baked goods.
The basic idea is to put cheese in, but you can also add chocolate, nuts, Anko (red bean paste) and other fun variations depending on your imagination.


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